The Assignment:
Propose a feature that allows car shoppers on the lot to (a) enter a vehicle’s VIN, price and mileage quickly, (b) obtain a price report (good deal/bad deal), and (c) view similar cars nearby. Support proposal with high-fidelity wireframes and flows. When visiting dealerships while shopping for a used car, it is very difficult to determine if a car on the lot is the best deal or if there are better options nearby. Research indicates that providing real-time price assessments would be a valuable feature for mobile users.

My Role:
• UX/UI Designer
• Art Director

The Challenge:
• Create of user experience strategy, interaction and interface design elements.

• Design solutions inclusive of user requirements, design patterns & best practices, technology trends and project requirements.

• Create a couple scenarios, analyses, (task flow, journey maps, and analytics), navigation models and interface concepts.

• Create a prototype to illustrate design and interaction concepts.

• Lead the continuous improvement of user experience design principles, best practices and processes.

The Process:
CarsDirect Mobile Search Area Wireframes:
1. Build wireframes with navigation drop down menus and nav.

2. Create multiple wireframes pages according to the landing pages and sub category areas.
3. Provide easier navigation system with different options easier to navigate.


Design Prototype and Journey Flow:

1. Create a main landing page with multiple sub landing pages for car search.

2. Easy to find field to input car’s VIN numbers.

3. Three easy options to search for a car by price, miles or make/model.

4. Using fonts, colors and style guides from the client’s website.

UX/UI and Journey Flow Design:

Journey Flow and Navigation Experienced Proposal (in progress):

Proposed Optimized Design:

Final Thought:
Some of the main factors and challenges were adopting and customizing some of the entry fields in one area and for them be the focus of attention. My proposed design needed to be clean and straight forward for the user interaction to work naturally and effectively.

Other factors to addressed were finding similar listings nearby, I solved that issue by adding a carousel with images of potential car options with the same similarities from what the original search was. Another main factor, was adding a drop down menu with different options to search for a local car at the lot of near by. The main dropdown menu, had options like search by: location, model, price, color, etc.

From my previous previous experienced searching and navigating thru a mobile app or web, I believe my proposed design experience is effective, functional and easy to use. I presented this concept case study prototype to a few of my friends and they were extremely pleased with the easy navigation, journey and experienced they had while clicking thru my working prototype model.