Working as a UI and Web Designer, I helped maintain and update website content for The Ellen DeGeneres Show for over 8 seasons. Helped with the research and the design (UX and UI) the Ellen Show’s video and photo galleries on all desktop and mobile platforms.

  • Help strategy and production teams with the promotional and design elements of the Ellen Show on all the social media channels, from less than 1 million followers on Facebook in 2005, to over 20 millions in 2014. Now the current Facebook likes are over 30+ millions.

  • Worked with the production and development team to create, design and program multiple online elements, such as responsive websites, micro-sites, product sponsorships landing pages, giveaways, animated banner ads, daily content production and responsible for developing email templates.

  • Designed and programmed online social media viral graphics for the Ellen Brand on their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram).

  • Collaborated with the integration and web development team to ensure accurate design implementation and functionality across all digital platforms.