Project Overview:
Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (GPCFB) worked for decades with awareness in the digital space. Their online presence and donations have been extremely low for the lack of traffic and public interest. Records show that in previous years, less than 12%+-, were online donations. In comparison, their sister food bank in Atlanta had a yearly average of 28% online donations in the same consecutive years.

GPCFB’s Account team and Board of Supervisors sent a request to our Digital and Analytical teams at One & All Agency, to review their current website and identify the major problems. Some of the problems discovered came from their low online traffic, metadata implementation errors, functionality errors, lack of effectiveness and its limited data measures.

One & All’s Media and Strategy Team and my self worked together to evaluate the amount of daily unique and regular users of the homepage, donation platform and all internal pages. After we collected and analyzed data, we shared that information with the Creative and Development teams. Our digital team then reviewed, analyzed and implemented a new design strategy to enhance effectiveness of the website. Using best practices based on accurate data, tokens, optimizing A/B testing analysis, online trends, reports, metrics and by implementing effective metadata, we increased the user flow and ultimately guided them to the donation platform page.

By utilizing various user research techniques, we got a better understanding of user behavior and needs, which in return grew higher online traffic. Using data-driven analyses, focus groups, surveys, polls, contextual inquiries, journey mapping, eye tracking, usability testing and the creation of personas and scenarios helped us get a better understanding of users. All of these techniques improved user experience by implementing more accurate and effective user and journey flows throughout the new GPCFB website.

New Website Features:
• New user flow and navigation sitemap system update
• Fully responsive / mobile-friendly
• Brand new donation platform layout and functionality
• Unique personal stories section pages
• Custom impact stats page and donation widgets
• Integrated blog and events custom page layouts
• Parallax scrolling

My Role:
• UX/UI Designer
• Art Director
• Presenter

The Results:
Online traffic increase of 230%, and a 350% average daily donation increase.

Homepage Before and After ReDesign:

Launch New Website 2018

The Process:

1. Information Architecture & Wireframes:

2. Desktop and Mobile UI Design:

3. Templated and Unique Pages:

4. Desktop and Mobile Views:

5. Final Design Homepage:

6. Customized Internal Pages:

7. Multiple Step Donation Form:

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