The Assignment:

NBC Universal Television® Creative department ask me to create a few creative digital and print pieces to promote their successful supernatural TV series: GRIMM. They wanted me to think out of the box and imagine what you believe would be sticky and engaging creative for users across all platforms—with a specific focus on rich media artwork.

The Challenge:

I was given a limited amount of assets and information, a tight deadline and poor quality images. I had to step outside of my comfort zone and come up with a unique and creative solution.

The Process:

I was able to color manipulate and transform some of these images, and place them according to the composition I had in mind. My main focus was to design them for use in rich media and in an open design environment.

Original assets provided by NBC Universal Television®

Primary pen sketches

The Results:

After doing my research and viewing some of the supernatural series, I wanted to promote it in a more dramatic, effective and scary way, in which the lead actors would be placed in a more action-figure perspective. I felt it needed a scary touch, just like what they did in the ’80s with Friday The 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. But in this case, having the same feeling, but with a modern touch and a more dynamic approach. I wanted to visualize and capture a vivid scenery in which the drama and action drives you to watch the show.

1st creative design comp

2nd creative design comp

3rd creative design comp

Final Design:

The final concept design was selected based on the creative need and process. I had a lot of fun composing, sketching, organizing and photo-manipulating the selected assets and approved copy. The client was very excited and happy with the final concept. I created multiple files for online ads and print pieces as needed.

After selecting a final design style element, I created a few banner ads and TV spots in which the design will be advertised. In many cases, it will live on live streaming apps, tv video programs and mobile devices

I created a few print pieces with different sized billboards


Banner ad for social media, standard TV and mobile apps