The HNconnect Mobile App, is one of multiple Enterprise digital tools that Herbalife Nutrition and the (GTS) Design Team has designed tested and developed for B2B business practices. Our design and development teams, recently launched 2.0 version of this application. We designed a new Navigational Architectural Experience, a new User Onboarding Experience, and Additional New Enhancements.
 The HNconnect mobile application helps our Distributors and Sales Representatives to connect, track, and grow business sales by providing Business Opportunities, Metrics, and Business Insights & Recommended Actions. Powered Einstein/Salesforce artificial intelligence.

After multiple usability and discoverability findings, we found that that new and existing users were having major discoverability issues around the navigation of top level features.
 We gathered and analyze all data from our research and analytics teams, we found out that we had a major architecture and usability flaw. Business stakeholders, research and the UX team, we all decided to simplify the main navigation and the re-structure the information architecture.

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