HNconnect AI Driven Feature — Business 
Insights & Recommended Actions

As a part of our effort to provide the most refined and valuable experience possible for our HNconnect users, we introduced and developed a brand new feature focused on AI insights and Recommended Actions. We believe these new features will greatly enhance our users overall experience and help them accomplish their business goals faster and more efficiently. The new Insights feature are AI driven and designed and programmed to deliver personalized Actionable Business Recommendations for distributors to interact and share with their downline.

Our Business and AI teams proposed to enhance the application by introducing new AI driven application Features that could help our distributors be more effective by sharing Business Insights and Recommended Actions for users to engage with. After multiple design brainstorming sessions, we recorded and addressed multiple challenges and we got a better understanding into how this new AI driven Insights feature could be a key beneficial tool in the HNc application.

In general, I was extremely satisfied with the final results with the user flow and functionality for this first AI feature we introduced in the application. There were multiple things that I learned thru the process from all team members and the Salesforce AI system it self. By adding this new feature in the app, users will be able to follow up with Recommended Actions that can help their business contacts reach your goals.
 Users are able to take advantage of AI-powered insights into their business and recommendations on how to follow up with their downline.

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