Networking Academy — Website Redesign Project — (Case Study)

The Innovative and Creative Team at Cisco Systems partnered with the Creative Team at The 1st Movement Inc. Cisco’s major assignment was for our team at The 1st Movement to review, analyze and redesign the Networking Academy website (, addressing the huge decline their Account and Statistics Team saw in traffic and user logins to the programs page area over the last few years.

Cisco’s Media Team provided an analytical study that revealed relevant data and statistical reports showing crucial design errors and outdated metadata that caused the Networking Academy website to have very low online traffic and engagement. They saw a decline of about 42%+- of new and regular users for about two years.

My team at The 1st Movement saw this as an opportunity to showcase a more informative, engaging, easier-to-navigate and cleaner style by design. By creating a better navigation flow and user journey, we are able to inform new users about multiple educational and networking programs, partnerships and past and present successful biographies of professionals who attended the Cisco Systems’ Networking Academy.

Working closely with the Creative Director, I designed a better user and journey flow, diagrams, wireframes and multiple new modules across all landing pages. The main pages were the Networking Academy’s homepage, category template page and individual story page template – all had link and a dropdown menus to access the Get Involved area. The Get Involved area is where users can get more information about the Networking Academy’s current programs, accreditations and classes where they can enroll.

After creating and getting approved on all AI and UX phases, I created all User Interphase UI layouts for mobile and desktop devices. Currently, the design and analytics phase has been created and finalized. The Project Management team is working with the Development and Programming team to make the new site functional and responsive before going live following testing and approvals.

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